When humankind left for the Metaverse, we — the 6,200 Pigeons of Shill City — became Pointless: no more heads to poop on, no more garbage bags to destroy and no more traffic to disrupt.

After realizing no one would come back we decided to take matter into our own Wings and take over Shill City.

Most of us have an impeccable style and personality, while others are more the I-shit-on-your-car type. There's one thing we have in common: we are all one of a kind NFTs that can be owned exclusively by you.

We exist by the grace of the amazing NFT community, so we intend to create a loyal Flock of followers who all get an equal chance at becoming our awesome new owners. Since we're created by mama birds we support the female NFT community.

The deal

Apart from the fact that we obviously have the uttermost swag on the Ethereum Blockchain, all of us are one of a kind. We are randomly generated with a unique combination of traits, each one carefully handcrafted by our Hen @miss_rustyn4il.

Owning one or more Pigeons not only grants you exclusive access to our game, but it also gives you the full ownership rights. Use your Pigeon as your profile pic or print it on mugs, t-shirts, your car, a billboard, whatever... it's yours! Until you sell it on a marketplace like OpenSea of course.


I’m new to this… so what’s an NFT?

Welcome! We can imagine there's a lot of information to consume before getting an idea of what this whole new world is about. But you'll love it, we promise. Come join our Discord and feel free to ask any question you have regarding NFT’s. The community is happy to help you out with all your questions! That's a good starting point.

Ok great, but how much am I gonna spend?

Did you know there’s about 400 million pigeons flying around the human world? To pay an homage to our Flock from the Other Side you can get your hands on an original Pigeon from Shill City for ETH 0.04.

Sweet. Are all Pointless Pigeons available for sale?

There will be a total of 6,200 Pointless Pigeons. 100 of those are reserved for giveaways (yes, free Pigeons!). All others can be minted by the community.

Alright, so when and how do I meet my Pointless Pigeon?

The Pointless Pigeons of Shill City hatch their eggs whenever they feel like racing, but it will never be later than 24h after selling out. You should then be able to see your Pigeon on OpenSea, but also here on our website.

So after that I can do whatever I want with my Pointless Pigeon?

Absosqueekly! We even encourage you to do so. Being the legal guardian to your Pointless Pigeon means you can print it on a mug, a t-shirt, your car or a billboard. Or sell it (including those rights) on a marketplace like OpenSea.

This all sounds VERY promising. Who are the geniuses behind this?

You’re too kind. Our team consists of two Hens and one Cock (yes).

@miss_rustyn4il is our mastermind artist who created the amazing population of Pointless Pigeons. As a professional artist you’ll see her flying around Amsterdam. If you ever see her without a pencil please call an ambulance.

@Crypto_Dana_ is the Mama Bird to our Flock and will be your community hostess throughout this whole journey. She's the one that takes good care of everyone that has questions, comments and will give general updates to all you Pigeon maniacs. In case of emergency: give her a bird call!

Where's a NFT project without tech? We got that part covered with @st4rdust0x. He's the one thinking and dreaming in programming languages. With over 20 years of experience in software development he makes sure that everything just keeps on running smoothly and looking good.

Is your question not answered in this FAQ? Please reach out to @Crypto_Dana via DM with your question and she’ll get back to you in person. We’ll keep this FAQ updated regularly.