Game rules

Pigeon Frenzy is the most original, blockchain driven game where you are able to race and win amazing prizes with your Pointless Pigeon! The bigger your Flock, the higher the chances of owning that rare bird that can get you to the #1 position on the leaderboard.

The Goal

In Pigeon Frenzy there are two titles to win: The Ultimate Flockmaster for the Pigeon hodler who has the most successful Flock, and Most Valuable Pigeon for the Pointless Pigeon that won most races.


As Pigeon hodler you rise on the ranking by owning the most successful Flock! The more Pointless Pigeons you own that perform well in the races, the higher you rank. Pigeons can become MVP by earning the most points through racing. The leaderboard for both titles starts with a clean slate every week.

Earn Pigeon coins

As Pigeon hodler you can earn Pigeon coins through competing in the races and taking part in community contests. With these Pigeon coins you will be able to power up your Flock in a later stage of Pigeon Frenzy.


Every Pointless Pigeon is equipped with a set of traits which defines the strength in each of the four determining skills: Speed, Agility, Street Smartness and Stamina. In your Flock you can see how your Pigeon scores on these four skills.


Pigeon Frenzy consists of multiple races, where each race track is designed to specifically test one of the skills. E.g. for a race that is focused on speed a Pigeon hodler strategically looks into their Flock of Pointless Pigeons and chooses the one that scores highest on the skill Speed.

Bird breeds

Every species has their pros and cons, and it is very dependent on the type of race which Pointless Pigeon will have the best shot at the #1 podium.

Street Pigeon

The most represented bird in Shill City. Growing up on the rough side of town they have the biggest flyceps and are extremely Street Smart. A Pigeon that understands teamwork, great to create a big Flock with.

Messenger Pigeon

Definitely the most intelligent: they know all flying routes like the back of their wing and deliver the most sensitive alpha which they might use for their own good. Less common than the Streets, so this is a quality Pigeon to have in your Flock.

Racer Pigeon

The rarest kind of Pointless Pigeon and are obviously the fastest with the stamina of a top athlete. Considered as a golden asset in a Flock, immensely increases chances of winning.